Friday, July 31, 2009

Lacoste Paris Pack

Lacoste has introduced their new Paris Pack. The pack consists of two colorways of the Imatra low top sneaker. Both feature a mixed upper, made of straw and striped canvas, resulting in two really nice summer sneakers. The pack is now available at Flauge.

Imagine taking these off at the beach in Nantucket, or the Hamptons and then that girl that's been watching you walk back and forth all afternoon looks inside and sees the picture below...

THEN SHE'S YOURS!! LOL Get'r'dun!!!

Maison Martin Margiela Disco Ball Sandals

Slowly but surely, high fashion and brands that aren't your typical Baker's, Aldo, etc. mall brands have been making me become a fan of women in heels (no offense, cuz it's not meant to knock ladies who rock them cuz y'all still look good!!). The latest occurrence came by via Margiela. He was one of the first designers whose name I knew from reading "Vogue" magazine (along with Lagerfeld and Oscar de la Renta). These were inspired by disco balls and damnit they make me wanna be in the 70's behind the velvet rope at Studio 54 watching coke lines be made and models giving blowjobs in bathrooms.

The best part is I can help you break you pockets!! LOL... Cuz I got the link for where you can buy them.

Ladies, let's grab those credit cards and meet Browns Fashion. I believer they're 5.5 inches too. So I hope you've got more than enough legs to strut them around.

Cassette Playa x Rockers NYC T-Shirts

Now this is a collaboration that totally makes sense to us. Both Cassette Playa and Rockers NYC have been doing their thing for years, setting themselves clearly apart from everything else out there. Also both are known for bold and colorful graphic t-shirts and therefore seeing them work together on a series of tees seems natural. The t-shirts will be released very soon at colette and other premium retailers.

All Star: "International"

I'm gonna write ABOVE the video cuz I want you to read what I have to say FIRST:

SHIT!!! I wasn't expecting this AT ALL!!! Dude's post was on one of my favorite hood music blogs and I figured I'd give this random name I haven't heard of a try... So I did and I was HELLA IMPRESSED!!! Great beat selection (Meth & Redman's "Mr. International" instruumental). and he held down his part by spitting some pretty good material!! On top of that, it's clips inside of the video where it's got Yo Gotti doing what the streets certified him to be (ssshhh.... all that money would blow my mind if I EVER held it)... All in all, check it out!!

(P.S.: The video is actually pretty funny too)

Hell, download it if you like it....
All Star: "International"

"A Necessary Evil"... I like the sound of that

Lil' Wayne: "Million Dollar Baby"

I forgot to post it the other day when I got the email for it... Sorry for the tardy LOL

Otherwise, enjoy it. Cuz it's a hot track. I wonder if it's for an upcoming mixtape though.

Hellz Bellz "Women’s Iconz" Tee

This is probably my all time fave tee by Hellz Bellz (this is the first tee I ever saw from the brand. My folks Jhonna put me on to them. I actually searched near & high for a Men's fit for this shit cuz it's soooo dope to me) , the women’s iconz tee where Lanie Alabanza Barcena highlights some of the noteworthy women who made their mark in our culture. A few we could identify: Sade, Debbie Harry, Vivienne Westwood, Ertha Kitt, Gabrielle’Coco” Chanel, Grace Jones…Making this a must have. Available 80spurple & (the extremely cliche', yet still cool with me, internet empire named...) Karmaloop.

Sperry Topsider Fall 2009 Wool Sneakers

I think these are fresh as hell!!! I may just cop a pair for the cold winter approaching in Chicago. They'd go hard with a Polo sweater too. Khakis and chinos are a must for shoes like this. Maybe a tweed blazer too. Cop them online right here!!

Triple C's: "Everyday" (feat. Young Jeezy & Rick Ross)

Now I can't lie. I thought it was gonna be a very weak track with Jeezy's verse as the highlight. But after one listen I downloaded LOL..
Shit goes pretty hard. But Jeezy's verse is still my personal highlight

Marc by Marc Jacobs Swim Sale on GILT

Marc by Marc Jacobs is having a swimwear sale on today starting at 12pm EST, I’ve got a sneak peek of what to expect from the sale.

If you're not a member already, then you should apply... Cuz they got the good shit for the (VERY) low

Miss Marc One Piece MSRP $129 Gilt Price $78
(L) Paisley Park Bikini Top MSRP $80 Gilt Price $48, Ruffle Bottom MSRP $98 Gilt Price $58
(R) Kissing Fish Bikini Top MSRP $80 Gilt Price $58, Kissing Fish Bottom MSRP $72 Gilt Price $48

(L) Patchwork Denim Top MSRP $98 Gilt Price $58, Patchwork Denim Bottom MSRP $98Gilt Price $58
(R) Miss Marc One Piece MSRP $129 Gilt Price $78

CURREN$Y: "16 Switches" (Trailer)

I think my dude has a little something nice on his hands.... Can't wait for the final version

Eminem FEATURING Mariah Carey: "The Warning" (Dissin Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon)

OOOOOOOOH MY GOD!!!! He went HAM on her AND Nick!! I think this is one of my favorite diss records of ALL-TIME!!!

Granted Eminem is one of the greatest lyricists in the rap game, but SHIT!!! He could've went easy on her, but I get the impression he kinda did... LOL

Check it out.

Drake: "The Search" (ft. Saukrates)

Drake: "The Search"
Off the Rich Kidd’s mixtape “We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 3"

Facebook Made My Day

So.... Yesterday I made a status and it led to a few haters writing in my Honesty Box... LOL.... I forgot I even had an Honesty Box till I decided to clean out those thousands of messages in my inbox and went to check out my notifications... But here's the deal:

Status that caused my Honesty Box to blow up:
Terrence 'Mars' Jonesdoesn't fully understand why folks are celebrating their "swagg" when they ALL look alike. Walk, talk, and think the same too... Meanwhile, I'm chilling with SNKY, Made Monarchs, NX-Level, Fly Kite, D.E.M.O., The RudeBoyz, The Swaggstas, The Undergrads, FKC, HUE, etc. in the Winner's Circle!!! Check me out at ( ) and follow me on Twitter ( )

Hater Bitch (the color was a pink)in my honesty box:
Ur status sucks. U just contradicted urself during the whole thing by naming almost every promoter or click in STL when yal all doing the same thing but swear yal unique.
You know yal all look alike, dress alike and think alike 2!!! It's typical stuff: U like Santigold, u wear dunks and "exclusive kicks", u obsess over every fashion blog and copy ppl's style, u wear a tiny t-shirt or sum skinny legs, u think ur cool because of what u wear, u try too hard. I am not impressed. Im tired of ppl throwing there idea of what they consider swag on everyone else who isnt in your circle (which is as big as the equator). U a cool dude but u need to stop sometimes.

My response:
uuummm...... ok.... LOL

i said etc for a reason....

it ain't even about our image LOL

i was showing love to the people i WORK for and with...

FKC, HUE, and The Undergrads have 3 COMPLETELY different styles... Fly Kite isn't even St. Louis: it's a film company based out of Chicago...

NX-Level and D.E.M.O. are neither "cliques" (because you spelled it wrong): they both make music and they sound completely different!!!

SNKY is my store and Made Monarchs are like family to me....

The RudeBoyz are my brothers and the Swaggstas aren't even what you listen to....

Do your research while I keep getting paid for simply mentioning these names....

This summer is the first summer I got a check with a comma on it.... And it's grown ass folks out here who can't even keep that in their bank accounts for a month because of bills!!!

So imma keep doing me and working with people that are getting me paid. It gives a sense of community and success, so I'm with it. Cuz you writing me this message took time out of your day.

Time=Money.... I can be on Facebook and STILL make money. Cuz I promote through internet, music, film, photography, events, community, and soon radio....

I'm a fashion major so I read EVERY GQ and Vogue that comes out. I've been a big fan of sneakers since like sophomore year. I BARELY listen to Santigold OR MIA (though I am a fan of their work)... I'm not different. I just do different things...

Focus on you, cuz I don't pay your bills.... You do.

My spill and spew:
ALL my life, it's been at least ONE person out of my group of people I kicked it with to mention I'm a little off- but in a god way. I don't refer to myself as an "eccentric" or some strange "weirdo" in a serious manor- if I ever even do. Yeah I'm a little quirky. I definitely think and break shit down differently, but that's not a bad thing. NOR does it make me weird.

I actually tend to think of myself as everyone else. OTHERS call me different- but that doesn't make my societal identity as such!!! I go out and I dress up, or look like a bum at times... It's just ME. Why? Cuz I don't give a FUCK!!

Bitch I got loyal friends, and got a loving and supporting family, even a consistent source of income during some of the worst times America has ever seen!! So why the fuck should I really care about what people I don't even know think when I'm out and about??

This tangent isn't even me angry... I'm simply kicking knowledge to the uninformed. To know me is to understand me. Therefore, if you have little to no insight on me from a personal standpoint, then you cannot say you know me. And if you don't know me, then don't write in my honesty box, because you have NOTHING to be honest with me about. Dig?

Now back to this paper... I'll see y'all out tonight. And tomorrow for the Lupe concert with big brother Black Spade performing!!

Oh, and if you dislike me, don't forget to smile in my face. Cuz just like everybody who lacks individuality or is afraid to BE or THINK differently, they all look alike. Just like the snakes that shake me up among the ones who admire and like me for who I am.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ATL x Chicago= Broke & Boujee TONIGHT in Chicago

BROKE AND BOUJEE // JULY 30TH from Nem Perez on Vimeo.

I just wish I was in town... But I'm bossing up in St. Louis.

I'll be back to my 2nd city in a few weeks bringing nothing but friends with benefits.

Sperry Two-Tone Chukka Boot

Sperry welcomes their latest batch of Fall 2009 releases with a new set of dual-tone versions of their Chukka Boot model. The shoes take on the familiar boat silhouette, with a mid cut and contrasting uppers featuring a distressed motif. Three different color options have made their way into select Sperry accounts, including Leftfoot.

Hellz x Mosley Tribes Sunglasses

Top womens streetwear label, Hellz, looks towards eyewear specialists Mosley Tribes for a new set of sunglasses, set to release November 2009. The shades will be featured in two custom colorways, including a Tortoise/Jade Green with brown gradient lenses and Black/Red with Grey gradient lenses. Both will retail for $250 USD in a limited edition run at select retail locations.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Sean: "Getcha Some" video (Dir. by Hype Williams)

I dig it.... It's fly on a budget. But who you know making videos in the BAPE store?? C'mon g, Big Sean still came correct!!

And shout out to SoMe for the animations (Check Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." and Kanye West's "Good Life" videos)


If you not there, you either a fool, broke, or lame...

Dynasty & The Undergrads Presents Wiz Khalifa LIVE in concert! from JoJo K on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Shades of Albert" film (Directed by: Corn Clark)


This shit was hella funny when seeing the final package.... Shout out to Fly Kite Media!!

It's got cameo appearances by a handful of emerging artists in Chicago (as well as yours truly *cough cough*).. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, July 27, 2009


YESSIR!!!! My man Wiz Khalifa will be in town this Wednesday at Club Fifteen!!! Shit should rock pretty hard actually cuz I hear he knows how to put on a show!! And we already know that if I co-signed it, then the promoters know how to throw a party!!


18+ IS $20 (Get there early for a "backdoor special" aka a cheaper price)
21+ IS $10

Pop-A-Lot w/ Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo: "Dope Boi Knot"

Get it HERE!!

Too Short Reminices About UGK

I kinda wanna be like Bun B- in reference to his status of fame. People know the name, he has a HUGE cult-like following (UGK overall), but he can walk and cop cigars without being hassled.

Mainstream success, but an underground icon. Legendary shit.

Gucci Mane Freestyle

By now we ALL have seen it!!! If this video's views were his album sales, he'd be well on his way to going 5 times platinum!! This video is actually what solidified my fandom for Gucci Mane because before this I was on the fence about him.

It goes hard. Doesn't it??

(Can't say the same about OJ's)

Even though the drug talk is pretty heavy.

Alexander McQueen Satin Rope Sandals

As heel trends come and go, the strappy sandal is always relevantly hot. The Alexander McQueen Satin Rope Sandals exquisitely finished with gold tassels… Need I say more?

Nope.... Apparently I don't. Cuz once again, I have little to care for when it comes to heels, so if I post them, they're hot.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Miles Davis: "So What"

Listening to the "Kind Of Blue" album changed my life FOREVER, and a lot of that album's impact on me is based off of this song. I recommend the album for ANY music lover-especially one who is not afraid to cross barriers and listen to jazz.

So What - Miles Davis

Here's even a live version for you.

Here's to class, progression, success, and love.
Have a good evening people.

Ozwald Boateng's "Why Style Matters" Documentary (Pt. 1)

Part 1 of the Ozwald Boateng documentary "Why Style Matters" shown in January 2009

I think this is a necessary view for all men of style. I'll be continuing to show the rest of them over the course of the next few days

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sissy Nobby: "Grab" video

New Orleans Bounce at it's FINEST!! LOL

Melyssa Ford at The Loft

She fell through for the "Lady Hennessey" event recently.... I came across the video and I'm VERY happy that I can still imagine myself giving her the daddy someday :)

Short Doc: "Soled Out"

Sheldon "Ronin" Smith, a fellow sneaker head and Laced Magazine, an upcoming sneaker magazine presents "Soled Out". Soled Out is a sneaker documentary which is all about the sneaker culture, from the biggest corporations to people camping out overnight and paying ridiculous prices. It is just over 10 minutes but I suggest you watch this, it is very informative to the consumer of these sneakers, which is you.

Capsule NY | Creative Recreation Spring 2010

Creative Rec has released some looks from their Spring 2010 line. Forthcoming looks from their main line have strong details and inspirations from their “Italian” line. Smooth lines and muted undertones are the focus on many of these forthcoming styles. Creative Rec continues to switch up their style and bring fresh looks again and again. – cw

More looks from the Creative Recreation Spring 2010 mainline collection after the jump.

Vans Authentic Gingham Limited Edition

The Vans Authentic was released in a special all gingham edition. I'm thinking about copping a pair.... maybe in another colorway though....

You can get them online at a decent price on the oficial site.

Truth be told, I really want some Polo slippers though.

New Orleans Bounce/ Backyard Bash

Around the 2:30 mark, you'll see something that's VERY wrong with the Black communities these days... *Smh*

Ay, but they gonna be some straight little whores when they get older LOL (ssshhhhhhhhh!!!)

Jonathan Kelsey Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection

Last week,I came across a short film called "High" as a preview to Jonathan Kelsey’s Autumn/Winter 2009 footwear Collection, now we get a look at the shoes!

As much as I can find something negative to say about heels, I can't even complain about these. I'm pretty sure I'd look twice at a woman if she walked by with any of these on...

DJ Spinz & DJ Pretty Boy Tank Present:"Space Invaders 3" Mixtape

This dropped in the streets of ATL over a month ago, but just now it finally hit the net. Shouts to cheddahouse for the link.

Track List:
1.J.Futuristic-Bring It Back (Yung LA Diss) [Prod. By K.E.]
2.J.Futuristic-Swag On Flex
3.F.L.Y.-Party Time(Prod. By K.E.)
4.F.L.Y. Ft. Young Dro- Mr Lenox(Prod. By K.E.)
5.Hella Coppa Kids Ft. Yung Booke- KickBall
6.F.L.Y.-Cool Money Maker
7.Band Geakz-Somebody Grab A Camera
8.Waka Flocka Flame-O Lets Do It
9.Gucci Mane-Wonderful
10.Tracy T-Str8 Cash
11.Yung LA- The Hood
12.Scooter & Future-No Doubt About It
13.Young Capone-Haterz(Prod. By Zaytoven)
14.Travis Porter-Dat Dem
15.Stack Money Boyz-Cant Take It Away
16.K-Camp-All Night
17.La Da Booman Ft. Myko McFl- Swaggin With My Bag
18.Mega Meezy Ft. F.L.Y. & Band- Dat Boi A Fool
19.F.L.Y. Ft. Stuey Rock- Gotta Be(Prod. By K.E.)
20.Band Geakz-Hate So Much
21.Dru Smith-Dat Wet
22.Dirty Red Ft. Lil Corey- Outta Here
23.Hitman Shawty Ft. King South- Pussy Got Swag
DOWNLOAD: DJ Spinz & DJ Pretty Boy Tank- Space Invaders 3 [Mixtape]