Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outkast: "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" (ft. Sleepy Brown)

Like I said earlier, it'sthe weekend!!! Let's get it poppin'!!! Friday is officially a holiday baby.... Se you out in these Chicago streets!! 2 fingers.

Now throw them 2 fingers down and make that "A"...

Laurence Dacade ‘Olois’ Lace Sandals

Laurence Dacade created her footwear collection with the intent to”enhance a woman’s beauty , sexiness and femininity”. The Olois sandals from her spring/summer 2009 provide a great example of what she has been able to create. Available at forward forward.Detailed view on the next page, plus a high heel style the Omage.

LOL.... I should really just get a female author just to post dope shoes for ladies.... It's way too many!! And for a woman, a sexy shoe is the cornerstone of a great outfit (in my pesonal opinion).

Jeremey Scott ‘Phone Dial’Sweater & Dress

The Jeremy Scott ‘phone dial sweater and dress’ available at Colette.

Levi Strauss and Ace Hotels Collaborate on Suite 501

LA Times checks in with a piece on ACE Hotel’s “suite” work with Cali’s own Levi Strauss. “Suite 501″ is exactly what you would imagine it would be – a denim decorated room in the spirit of the Levi’s 501. “A mock-up of the room was on display in a ’20s era house just off Sunset Boulevard in the shadow of the Chateau Marmont on Thursday, a former residence on Selma Avenue that a few months ago became the new home of Levi’s VIP space/entertainment industry networking hub, headed by Sheri Timmons, director of engagement marketing for Levi’s who worked with Ace owner Alex Calderwood on the project.” Marketing works.

M.O.B. Pantie Raid!

Exclusively at as a part of MTTM's 5th Anniversary Celebration, a 5-pak of panties have been released with the sigature snooty, famale-empowering phrases that MTTM is known for.

I would've preferred a beter panty model with more curves, but she ain't so bad either.

Bt mentioning panty raids reminds me of the joys of being in college: mischief and decadence. If you all haven't seen "Animal House" by now, do it ASAP!! Here's the trailer to the movie which opened the door to the college humor sub-genre of comedy.

Oh yeah... It's the weekend!!!! Let's get it!!

DeCadence Cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit" Done Acapella

DeCadence (an A Cappella group at UC Berkeley) sings Ben Folds version of "Bitches Ain't Shit" by Dr. Dre off of his classic "Chronic" album.

Camilla Skovgaard Satin Chain Strappy Sandals

The combination of a stilleto heel with a hefty rubber bottom makes for a fabulous combination of sexy and functional. Proving that Camilla Skovgaard , knows what ladies need to look their best and be able to walk more than three blcks doing it. Strappy satin chain embellished sandals available at net-a-porter.

The lady makes absolutely AMAING heels!! Check her out

David Bowie: "The Man Who Sold The World"

Classic material!! I was in a Bowie kinda mood, so I had to let y'all know what I'm bumping....

Dime Piece x Cassie A/W 2009

Music artist Cassie have collaborated for Fall and Winter 2009 to bring you Nine Lives, DimePiece’s latest collection. Reflecting their ever-evolving and unceasing line based around female empowerment and an ode to change.

The line is expressed by modern pop art-themed prints and t-shirts with the cheekiest and most feminist of phrases; along with hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings and jodhpurs fabricated with an unusual mix of jersey, mesh and fish net. DimePiece and Cassie will release a special line of tanks and tees coinciding with the drop of Cassie’s new single , Let’s Get Crazy”. Cassie Exclusive tanks and tees are available now at

Personally, I just want a piece of Cassie..... She's still sexy as hell to me even with the shaved scalp!!

Mackdaddy Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Lookbook: "Bumble In The Jungle"

Never shy of using plenty of color and mixing different styles, Japanese brand Mackdaddy presents their new Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. They use unique vintage pieces and very colorful pieces. Mackdaddy also introduces more footwear this season, along with outerwear, knitwear and accessories, making for an overall complete collection. Also look out for some familiar faces in the lookbook.

Most of my favorite brands have incorporated a morrefined look this season. More tailored fits, collegiate styles, vibrant colors, etc. Jump on the bandwagon because if th make of these pieces aregood quality, you'll be wearing them for years- just like your favorite Ralph Lauren sweater.

Bruno Frisoni Fan Detail Sandals

Ladies, now is the time to step up the shoe game. These designers are out here making some innovative material. Go and make the other ladies jealous babygirl!!

Never boring, here’s alook at the strappy Fan sandal by Bruno Frisoni part of his Aw/w 2009 collection.

Cults, Conspiracies, & Secret Societies

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Yesterday I read a review for this book and bought it on the way to class. The night before I was in the Hexagon Room talking about secret societies with The Swaggstas. Shit really just goes fuul circle because I've been talking about the Illuminati and Free Masons for years now!! I finally found a book that wasn't over my head with dark Latin phrases.

Information is laid right there in my lap. It's definitely a great read for anyone: prepsters, hipsters, urban sophisticates, or just fans of music and history.

Conspiracy theorists are sold on believing that some of our favorite musicians of now and then have been in secret societies- and the causes of some of their deaths had somethingto do with it. Aaliyah, Left Eye, Jam Master Jay, Tupac, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and even Michael Jackson.

It gets heavy, but the more knowledge you have, the more aware you are of what's going on in the world around you. I suggest you read it.

Lil' Wayne: "Get Schooled"

Lil Wayne for Get Schooled from Get Schooled on Vimeo.

Now outside of the element of him being a UBER- celebrity, would you listen to this guy if he told you and your friends to stay in school?? LOL Honestly?? They should'vechosen a cleaner celeb to do that PSA... But yeah kids, stay in school!!! Cuz Lil' Wayne says so!! (Even though he's CLEARLY high during this recording)

Jay Z Covers XXL Magazine

I wonder who's writing the cover story.... Better yet, who's doing the shoot. Hopefully it'll be epic. I'm not fully sold on how good this album will be yet, but the buzz is growing heavily!!

Here are a few more tracks off the album to too on your iPod a tad earlier

Jay Z: "Venus vs Mar$"

Jay Z: "Off That" (ft. Drake)(Prod. By: Timaland)

Jay Z: "Reminder" (Prod. By: Timaland)

And It's The Real did a video commentary on "Run This Town"... HILARIOUS!!

Run This Town (Official Directors' Commentary) from jeff on Vimeo.

Drake: "Forever" (feat. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem)

Yeah... I'm back!! I apologize for not posting for the past few days.... I recently moved to Chicago and I've been handling business with school and my crib.... I'll be back next week full speed ahead. But here's a little something to hold you all over!!

This seemed like a dream collaboration but maybe it was too much of a laidback instrumental for them to spazz out on. I still like the track but I feel as if there was FAR more potential to be reached on the track.

Check it out yourself....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

MJ Covers GQ's September 2009 Issue

I'm currently reading the article and this shit is epic....

R.I.P.: King Of Pop.... You've changed lives, and you're one of the coolest people in HISTORY!

You're constantly been missed and will remain that way for eternity

Jay-Z: “Run This Town” (Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West) (video)

It does NOT live up to the expectations I had for it.... But it's still a decent video, though the song itself carries most of the good impression. It kinda makes me wanna rebel though... ANARCHY!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Making of Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” (feat. Kanye West & Rihanna)

I'm not sure what all of the promo and teasers are surrounding this video is all about but I swear, if this shit doesn't drop in the next few days it had better be one of his greatest videos ever!! LOL I'm just being impatient... Either way I'm still bumping the track CRAZY!!!

Blueprint 3: 09.11.09

(P.S.: Dude only made me MORE anxious with that tiny ass explanation)

Donnis x 10. Deep Mixtape Release Party Tonight

The much anticipated mixtape of southern spitter Donnis will be hitting the web tomorrow. For the occasion 10. Deep is hosting a release party tomorrow night in Brooklyn and they have also collaborated with Donnis on a t-shirt that will release at the event.

Don't miss this if you're in NYC!! I get the feeling this will be insane!!

Erykah Badu: "Bag Lady" (Smooth Mix)

Yo... It's getting a little cloudy out there and I think it's gonna rain hella hard so I decided to lay off the heavy rap today and just act like I've acquired a level of class.... So here lies one of my favorite tracks by Ms. Badu...

Peace and tranquility people... Thanks for following

Ndeur ‘Concept’ Paper Shoes

These things are too sexy to not be getting sold somewhere!! I wish a chick would be seen in an event with these on....

I'd cream myself LOL... Diego Dolcini kinda had a similar concept but fell short. Check out their blog cuz these folks are geniuses

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa: "Surface To Air"

This is the most played track right now from their collabration: "How Fly" mixtape

Jets x Taylor Gang= Nothing but piff and fly shit (kush... to say the least)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mansion Party TONIGHT!!! Central West End

Everybody's been talking about this weekend's two parties.... The Mansion House Party tonight and a serious clash of the titans tomorrow!!!

I'd better see you at BOTH!!


Ay ! Mi Cubannie Editorial

It’s Friday, the end of a long week, Check out this fun editorial put together by the crew at mama featuring Cubannie jewelry by Annie Basulto, definitely puts you in a festive mood! Check out the images here.

It's some pretty dope shit that I just came across online. The jewelry is pretty sick though...

Beams Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Lookbook

Japanese retailer Beams has produced a special lookbook for Fall/Winter 2009-2010. The lookbook showcases stand-out styles and brands that will be sold in the coming months at Beams stores across Europe. Concentration lies on premium workwear, as well as more dressed up mens styles. The lookbook is very nicely produced and put together.

I want a mustache like the dude up there to the right LOL....
A VERY fine-fitter suit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"School Supplies" Party is TONIGHT!!

Brought to you by and D.E.M.O. Music Group

At the Marylan House
4659 Maryland

If you haven't copped your button by NOW, it's only $10 @ the door.

It WILL be a good time and more than enough pretty people to satisfy the most active of nymphos. DO NOT MISS!!

Noted as one of GQ's trends for Fall 2009. I read a review of it and it seems like a bookshelf staple for a well-dressed man.

Hell, check out the definitive looks in general for clothing too. You may see something that you'll want when the wind hits you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Givenchy Sandals Seen On The Street

Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy gives yet ANOTHER reason for me to admire women who give a little bit of pain in order to bring forth a TON of beauty and elegance. I would have preferred more tan feet and better polish but the overall design is pretty sexy to me. I'd hit a chick in these.

I peeped them over on Jak & Jil

Jay Z: "Feelin' It" video

Damn... I ain't even know there WAS a video to this track till I caught it on elitaste earlier... Shit fucked me ALL the way up LOL... Dude, NOBODY can NEVER say Jay Z wasn't the shit since forever!! My dude was on some flashy shit way before the classic ratings and platinum records... And the shit they rented back then- some of these things I'm sure they own nowadays though- was still mad expensive so it carries enough validity to assure that SOMEONE was pitchin' yayo. Not to mention this is one of my favorite songs off of the iconic "Reasonable Doubt".

Bring Back The Boondocks!!!

Here are a few of my favorite clips from one of my favorite shows:

Coverage of The Swagger 10th Anniversary Festivities

Mickey Factz, Lupe Fiasco, & The Cool Kids in Japan

Mickey Factz, Lupe Fiasco and The Cool kids In Tokyo from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

Lupe & The Cool Kids Chillin' Backstage:

Cee-Lo Confirms His Attendance For Goodie Mob Reunion

Saturday, September 19, 2009
ATL, GA is where they stay shawtay!! So that's where the show shall be....

And just for kicks....:
Goodie Mob: "All A's"


"Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture" (Video)

Sheer brilliance!!! This shit is so beautiful...

Louis Vuitton partners with artist Camille Scherrer to present the new "Louis Vuitton : Art. Fashion and Architecture" book. Discover the animated movie created by the talented young artist and witness the book come to life. For more information, visit
© Louis Vuitton / Camille Scherrer-Project et vous / 2009 (Music : Darko Fitzgerald).

Trey Songz: "Successful" (feat. Drake)

I believe this song will now be on Trey's album as opposed to Drake's... So Trey threw in a verse and a few ad libs to make it his own. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stussy Girls Fall 2009 Look Book

The Godfathers of this streetwear shit are back at it again on the women's tip...

For fall 2009, Stussy Girls goes back to basics with a simple and clean collection of jackets, plaid button down shirts, hoodies, cardigans and dresses. Perfect for back to school, keep a look out for these on

I wonder why they don't have a flagship store in Chicago... *smh*... Regardless, I'm most definitely loving the simplicity that fashion is embracing overall. Sometimes simplicity can be just what's needed.