Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Clipse: "Kinda Like A Big Deal" (feat. Kanye West)

I remember I spazzed out when I first heard it... And I STILL bump it on the regular!! But they should've invested a little more cash into the video... Some of that drug money and profit from Play Cloths

"Exploit Yourself": directed by Carl Rinsch for Nike.

I ran across this over on Kanye's Blog.... I dug it so I decided to re-post it on mine LOL

Jay Z: "Death Of Auto-tune"

There comes a point in every rich person's life where they can just do whatsoever they choose because of the wealth that they've earned.... Jay Z is no different. He does what he wants, WHEN he wants, and thinks nothing of it. As do I. The difference between he and I is simple: I'm street Hova, on the cusp of beginning to record "Reasonable Doubt" and he's already where he wants to be.

Fluid. Anti-establishment. Rebellious, even in his mid-age era. Almost flawless. *Bow in greatness*

Blueprint 3: 9.11.09

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Strokes: "Soma"

There was once a point in my youth when I couldn't give a single care in the world about a single thing... When I was living that sort of life, I listened to rock more than anything (I'm a die-hard hip-hop head but I got bored with the game at a point...) and during that era, I came across my favorite rock band- The Strokes... I'm glad I got them in my life.

To this day I remember idolizing them- I wanted to be JUST like Fabrizio for a while- and wanting the lifestyle that they dedicated their music to: women, sex, partying, style, and being a wealthy kid with tons of money to spend it on....

I'm glad I aspired earlier on for that lifestyle, cuz it's quite a pleasure that I can relate to them nowadays.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P to the King Of Pop....

It doesn't matter who you are, ever since the first Jackson 5 record dropped, EVERYONE'S life has been effected by the existence of Michael Jackson afterwards....

MJ, you will be missed, and I personally owe my existence to you... if it were not for you, there would be no me... Though you are not the Almighty Heavenly Father, I do consider your life to be a sweet gift from Him to Earth to make music exciting on a higher level and redefine what "entertainment" truly means.... You are the god of popular culture, and you are an icon on many levels....

My all-time favorite song by Michael Jackson: "I Can't Help It"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hell... Even DRAKE Fucks Wit' Soulja Boy!!

"Soulja Boy is the smartest artist of our generation. PERIOD!..." - Drake

"They said I was a one-hit wonder"- Soulja Boy.....

I guess he's proven critics wrong once again... FUCK SALES!!! He's STILL making money!!! Learn lessons about this industry instead of HATING so damn much!!!

Jay- Z Digs Soulja Boy's Vibe!!!

Family!! I got kinda geeked when The God M.C. showed Soulja Boy some love on the Angie Martinez Show.... "At least he's being honest"... HOVA HOVA HOVA HOVA!!!....

(P.S.: I would've NEVER thought I'd tag JAY-Z in the same post as SOULJA BOY!! AND Soulja Boy in with TRENDSETTER!!! But he's officially got a serious stamp of approval- not like I wasn't a fan anyways!! HAHAHAHA... Keep it up SB)

Dr. Phil x Hooking Up= GOLD

I really dig this first guy... Something about him makes me think: "He's not lying" LOL... And that's enough to make me wanna share this with the world!! Therefore, if anybody out there is having problems picking up girls, get confident- studies show chicks relate confidence to masculinity... I ain't gonna lie fam.... I learned a little too LOL

How To Tie a bow Tie..... With Playboy

I'm sorry... I could've used any other video but I found it completely necessary to incorporate a Playboy model into the mix.... It's the life I live- being that I am "Playboy M@R$"

UGK: "It's Supposed To Bubble"

I SWEAR to you.... I wish I was born and raised in the south (at least visited more often than I did to experience the culture)!!! I mean, I'm a St. Louis native and our black culture is HEAVILY engulfed in Southern culture, but we're still not the South!! It was close enough for me to grow up and wanting to be like Pimp C (R.I.P) when I grew up and going to parties and actually KNOWING what "syrup" was when the Three 6 Mafia track came on.... BUT I wish I could've grew up listening to DJ Screw, walking through the ATL streets and seeing the Dungeon Family riding by on a ot summer Saturday, and shit like that....

I love the South, but since I didn't grow up there, I bump shit like THIS on a DAILY basis to cool out and just relax.... I feel like I got a Southern soul and a East coast mentality- either way, I'm still 100% St. Louis!!

The Swaggstas: "Leave A Message"

If this ain't a jump-off track, then you GOTTA BE A LAME!!! THIS SHIT GOES HARD!!! Shout out to the Swaggstas.... Check out the MySpace ASAP!!

Word of the Day: "Jet-Set"

There's power in money, but there's good looks in style.... Take the cake and eat it too...