Monday, December 22, 2008

Alan Flusser on style

This is a world-renowned tailor and published author on men's style talking about style... Plain and simple, pay attention

There will be more of these types of videos in the future.... Oh yeah.. I picked this up at


He would've been 48 years old... R.I.P.

(And now... A brief bio via wikipedia...)

Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) was an American artist. He gained popularity first as a graffiti artist in New York City, and then as a successful 1980s-era Neo-expressionist artist. Basquiat's paintings continue to influence modern day artists and command high prices.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Neptunes Beat Bio


WELL DAMN (In the voice of Gucci Mane)

Dude got CROSSED!!!! UGH!!! LOL

N*E*R*D* "Sooner or Later" video

Arguably one of the best videos of the year... It goes hard and is inspiring during a time when hope is STILL needed (even though Obama IS Pres. now)

Happy Birthday Vic Lloyd!!!

This is a brief video recap of Chocago's Fashion King Vic Lloyd from the other day... It just so happened to be pretty dope.... Kinda makes me wanna move to Chicago even more

My heart melted when I saw this....

In September, Legacy Recordings released To Be Free: The Nina Simone Story, a three-cd + dvd collection spanning the legendary singer's career, from her debut on Little Girl Blue to her final recordings on A Single Woman. The dvd makes available for the first time a 1970 documentary of Simone, which is excerpted in the video above.

If you love me.. I'll be getting that documentary from you... It's only $30 on Amazon LOL

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Young Jeezy "Who Dat" video

This is pretty much my favorite video on the album... Shawty Red came hard on the beat and Jeezy came super hard on the lyrics and hook... One of my personal fave songs of 2008... ATL STAND UP!!!

I may give this a shot...

If you're reading this you have probably wondered in the past "How do I break into the lucrative and stable career field of music journalism?" Well, one answer is payola directly to the Online Editor, the other is to intern. As you can see in the video above, starring our one-time intern Sam Hockley-Smith, being our slave helper has its benefits, least of which is potential employment, as Sam can tell you because he is now our Associate Online Editor. The FADER Magazine and are both seeking interns for the Spring 2009 semester, so if you think you've got what it takes, please email with "Spring Intern 2009" and your preference of print or web in the subject line, along with a letter of interest or resumé in the body.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


My boy Cons is now signed to Universal Motown... Let's pray that they promote and market him properly... Cuz dude is DEFINITELY the truth

Who knew these old guys were so funny??

In my fair city of St. Louis, MO, we call this "joaning" or "flaming" (the latter derived from the art of "roasting" someone... Typically done at a formal event delivered as a speech).... But the old school cats call it "the dozens" among others... Either way... this is funny as SHIT!! LOL

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Pay attention: GET FAMILIAR WITH DRAKE!!!! I'm considering doing regular posts of some of my favorite tracks by him or at least him featured on them..... Know your shit!! Cause I sure as hell do!!

Drake ft. Rich Boy- "Must Hate Money"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Check Christmas Wishlist!!

Every man should dress like the best, but many don’t. For those who need a little help, they can pick up Esquire’s “The Handbook Of Style (A Man’s Guide To Looking Good)”. It provides vital information on everything from proper grooming to even simply getting dressed. Using plenty of examples from fashion icons like Andre’ 3000 to Frank Sinatra, The Handbook Of Style explains what goes together, what doesn’t, and how to care for your clothing. There is also a detailed history about many different looks. With this pick-up, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Remember when...???

Remember when Cassidy was a household hip-hop name and cats was always playing his freestyles?? Shit I do!!! And that's why I was happy to run cross this online today.... Hope you enjoy

What else must be said???

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has directed a high-budget 10-minute short film to pay homage to French fashion pioneer Coco Chanel. This glamorous silent film has premiered last week in Paris at the Le Ranelagh theater. Edita Vilkeviciute will portray the young Coco from 1913, when the legendary designer first set up shop. Along with Vilkeviciute, the film will feature model Brad Koenig, Lady Amanda Harlech and the actual workers from the Chanel atelier used as actors to keep the authenticity to the visuals. The mini-film was shot in two days outside of a Paris movie studio.

Hypebeast x Hypetrak x Judah x Mick Boogie Presents - Hype Club

The culture of Hype has transformed from clothing, sneakers and following blog entries to a full blown lifestyle. This lifestyle encompasses the way that one speaks, walks, dresses, what music one listens to, to how one carries themselves. Until the invention of Hypebeast and Hypetrak people who live this lifestyle where a loose band of taste makers and cool kids. Hypebeast and Hypetrak has brought together purveyors of Cool from all around the planet to form a society that we have anointed the Hype Club. The Hype Club has rules, guidelines and now a soundtrack for its loyal following, a mixtape entitled Hype Club.

Senior members of the Hypeclub, DJ Mick Boogie and producer Judah have tapped long time members Lil Wayne, Wale, U.N.I, GLC, along with junior up and coming members such as Nov Gannon, Milly July, Pat Piff, Dizzy, RatheMC, James Watts and Tyler the Creator amongst others to help explain exactly what it takes to be a Hype Club member and how one should carry themselves. The rallying call of Hype is all set to production provided by Judah, Santo Angelo and others. Chances are if you’re reading this right now you are interested in membership into the Hype Club. The first step is to download the mixtape from the link below and check out the track listing after the jump. Just remember the first rule…you don’t talk about Hype Club.

Hypebeast x Hypetrak x Judah x Mick Boogie - Hype Club

Nuw Musiq

Songs like this is what made me a fan from the jump.... Dude got crazy skills with the pen... Can't wait to cop the album

Musiq Soulchild- "DeserveUMore"

This is exactly why I'm a fan

I'm rather disappointed with the fact that Def Jam pushed his album back... But I can't wait till that album drops!!!! Here's another track by Terius "The Dream" Nash to hold you over

The Dream- "Rockin' That Thang"

Shout out to you big bro

My guy Vandalyzm is a sure fire BEAST!!! Trust me.... He's doing his thang out here... A pure business and musical motivation for me.... So i hope he won't hate me for sending you guys this link to download his album"Megatron Majorz" for FREE!!! $$$= 00.00

All I can say is be afraid of 2009!!!!

Kanye West Interview

FAM!!! I must say.... This dude's interviews are so FUCKING INSANE!!! This is how i became a fan of him.... Hova's little brother is STILL a voice to be heard. Whether you like his latest album or not!!

I must say I love this song

I slipped on the opportunity to hear it before Mercy did LOL but give this shit a listen.... it's pretty damn refreshing... and I dig the hook like CRAZY!!!

Common ft. Kanye West- Punch Drunk Love

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Every few years comes a new cat in the game that only folks that's hip fuck with.... and push him... But MUTHAFUCKAS DON'T LISTEN!!!!!!!! Drake is that guy for right now....

This is arguably my FAVORITE beat on Kanye West's "808's and Heartbreak" album (which should be on ALL Christmas wishlists!!), and my guy Drake pretty much snatched the track from Ye'.... Mercy disagrees with me but I feel like Drake did a better job on the track than Yeezy did....

Check it out yourself

And just for kicks.... Here's my dude Trey/ Drake's musical BFF with his version!!