Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I spoke too soon.. THIS is the laugh of my day!!!! LMAO!!


Laugh of my day LOL

She's simply GORGEOUS!!

Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Williams:

Check out her MySpace.... and download her "Perfect 10" Mixtape

Tom Sachs Exhibition at The Eiffel Tower Paris

Making more sense now is the Tom Sachs colette t-shirt previewed yesterday, as today we get a look at some images of Sach’s exhibition outside of The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Three of his over-sized pieces are showcased, all replicating crying kitty cats: Hello Kitty, Miffy, and My Melody. The works will be on display until November 2nd, 2008 so if your in Paris be sure to stop by and grab one of his shirts while your at it

Specail dedication to the ladies ;-D

Estelle "Come Over" ft. Sean Paul

Nice addition with Sean Paul on the feature tip...

The Battle Of Billboardsburg

ItsTheReal.com does it again! LOL Oh shit!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

The Battle of Billboardsburg from jeff on Vimeo.

New T-Pain

I'm sure y'all saw my dude on BET a few months opening his performance to this track...

(I know I do and I SPAZZED OUT cuz I loved it!!!)... After my personal anticipation and hunting for MONTHS ON END for the track, I've finally found it....

T-Pain "Ringleader Man"

Them RudeBoyz is hilarious!!!

That's me on the phone (unseen).... and Phil (on camera)conversing about me and my cooking skills LMAO

The big homie is back at it again LOL

Well I'm a big big BIG fan of this guy...

YES!! This is Curren$y aka "Da Hot Spitta"!!

Former Lil' Wayne protege'..... This is my guy!!! So i'm gonna go ahead and post the links to listen to all of my favorite mixtapes by him!!!

"Higher Than 30,000 Feet"

"Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly"

"Fear & Loathing In New Orleans"

"Welcome To The Winners Circle"

"Fin..." (the end of his series)..... sorry. No cover art found for this one

Nothing else needs to be said...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MAR$ is all about PROTON!!

I'm not sure if y'all are quite familiar with Proton or not... but they've got my co-sign.... Here's their review by the Fader:

"We're still not sure what to do with the label "hipster rap" because, umm, it just sounds stupid. However, Jon Caramanica, in his recent New York Times story on this strain of rap, briefly touched on these dudes' and ladies' descendance from Kanye and Andre 3000. Kanye obviously birthed the Midwest scene that includes the Cool Kids, Cudi and company. But it wasn't until we heard this new mixtape by Atlanta's Proton that we were convinced of Three Stacks' primogenitor status. Larry and Kamikazbi aka Thomasan (or their publicist) describe their music as "the missing link between Southernplayalistic and ATLiens" on their MySpace bio, so it's not like we had to work too hard to figure that out. But even their own description sells them short—the original songs on Red & Purple are actually pretty unique. Plus, with the cast of friends and crew contributing on here, it seems like there's a nice, new little scene developing once again in Atlanta, which can never be a bad thing. Download the tape below and get the tracklist after the jump."

I'm really loving their mixtape right now.... Hit up their MySpace. Friend them. And download the mixtape.... It's worth the time and money (LOL FREE!!!)

Sophia Fresh... You should be on 'em

Sophia Fresh "Drop It"

Produced by Drumma Boy (click on his name just in case you ain't familiar with my dude!!!)

Backup link

Shame on Yeezy... smh (tsk tsk tsk)

I remember when Kanye ran up onstage at the MTV Europe VMA's a few years ago when he bugged out for not winning the "Video of the Year" award

for "Touch The Sky"

...........and he snatched the mic from Justice on some other shit..... This is the video the they won for. Simian Mobile Disco vs Justice "We Are Your Friends"

and just think..... all of this just happened when I couldn't find an embedding code for my video of the day ( <----- click there!!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

808's & Heartbreaks drops in a little over a month

All I'm saying is.... Buy it!! This interview speaks for itself


Big brotha Vic and his guys from the Chi laid this track down and shot a video for it... Rather beast if i may say so.... I gotta find an mp3 for the track to toss it on a CD... FUCK WIT ME VIC!!

Hell..... Imma post the link to the youTube video cuz i can't embed it oddly enough...

Monday, October 13, 2008

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Revolver 10 Year Anniversary Party Recap

Taking place October 9th, Japanese label Revolver celebrated their 10th anniversary in the game. With Parisian personalities Ed Banger art director So-Me and La MJC on hand, the event featured performances by Kiri of Revolver, Miss Yulia, Busy P & So-Me (Ed Banger), Jean Nipon, the Dex Pistols, and Kavinsky Bobmo. Definitely a night to remember. Images of the event can be seen after the jump!

Wood Wood 2008 Fall/Winter T-Shirt Collection

Danish shop/label Wood Wood present some new t-shirt styles from their 2008 fall/winter lineup. The collections central theme revolves around space colonization, friendship, the apocalypse, chimps and astrology. Using only black and whites, each t-shirt focuses on the substance of each respective design rather than color usage..... FRESH NONETHELESS!!

Karl Lagerfeld x Le Petit Larousse 2009 Edition

Having already showcased the likes of Moebius and Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld was the natural choice to be featured in the 2009 edition of the Le Petit Larousse. The French reference book consists of a dictionary featuring common words and encyclopedia featuring proper nouns. Packaged in a elegant black box, the book pairs Lagerfeld’s portrait with a facsimile signature along the front. Le Petit Larousse is expected to release November 4th, 2008.

I'd hate to be her on my birthday!!! LOL

Sarah Palin got booed on my birthday in Philly!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Roots x Lil' Wayne "A Millie" Live

Here's the whole performance.... i was looking for an mp3 link.... but it looks like all of them are now gone (it IS available on iTunes though if you wanna pay your money LOL)-- "A Millie' vocals by ?uestlove

I also found a little video of him actually moving... so ya' know.... have fun kiddies!!!

And hell.... I'll even throw in a Weezy interview too LOL... Cuz MAR$ love's Y'ALL!!

Which one are you feeling more?? Wale vs Hova...

Sorry fam... But Wale's version of "Boyz" is way more fresha' then Hov's.....

GLC finally dropped his shit...

"I Ain't Even On Yet" was one of my favortie tracks on Kanye's "Can't Tell me Nothing" mixtape in 2007 that dropped before "Graduation"..... My main man GLC has finally dropped his video for it.... It's piff to say the least.. On some playa shit of course

Chopped and Screwed video= CRACK

The second single off of Thr33 Ringz from T- Pain.... It's called "Chopped and Screwed" and Ludacris is featured on the last verse.... The video follows the same concept of "Can't Believe It" which features Lil' Wayne.... Me and my dude Mercy deem the to be the "Put On" of R n B..... Doubt us if you dare!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Throwback PIFF....

Slimm "Cutta" Calhoun and Andre 3000 "it's Ok"...... Probably one of the BEST player songs EVER... Shout out to the Dungeon Family.... Y'all some of my idols!!!

Foxy Brown ft. Kelis "Candy"

I was with my homegirl Marjani aka Nola today.... and we were vibing to music... It brought me to a Neptunes vibe!!! This is one of my FAVORITE Neptune's productions.... and on top of that it's SO sexy and SSSSOOOOOOO NY!!!

Enjoy :-)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Laugh of the day LOL

I just found this today.... LOL.... I've been a fan of Peaches AND this song for quite some time and I think I love THIS video the MOST... my homegirl says she ALWAYS thought Ms. Piggy was a whore... I think THIS solidifies it!!! ;-)